Welcome to Heart Centered Psychic. My name is Brenda and I am an intuitive medium and Reiki practitioner. In this website, I hope to provide information to help you understand how intuitive readings and Reiki work, and how they can help you. If you feel led to learn more, I hope that you will contact me.

As an intuitive medium, it is my goal to bring peace and healing to those who seek it. I can help provide clarity and guidance for urgent issues via intuitive readings; as well as deep, powerful, gentle healing through the practice of Reiki. I treat all clients with the utmost care, respect and compassion. Your questions and concerns, as well as the results of your readings or Reiki treatments; will always remain completely confidential.

I seek only to help you find answers to troubling questions that will bring you peace and guide you to your greatest good. My readings can bring information to you through clairvoyance and other connections; and at times, through communication from those around you who have passed away. A reading is unique to the individual. Just as your questions are your own your answers and the means of receiving them will be your own, as well.  Readings may be done either by phone or in person.

A minimum of ten percent of each service is donated to others by way of various charitable contributions; as I feel it’s the way to pass along to others in need.

I hope that the information provided here will lead you to the best path to peace, comfort and long-term healing.